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Pilot Error or Mechanical Malfunction? Brazil Midair Collision

Somewhere over the Amazon jungle in The brand two modern, brand brand-new airplane crossed ways and one ones never got. It is assumed that will, at 40, 000 legs, these two aircraft collided as well as larger of the particular two, a Boeing 737-800, joined some sort of descending radial which ended on this floor of the new world. Typically the jungle was therefore thick that rescuers experienced to parachute in plus clear bringing spaces for rescue micro helicopters. Of this 154 crew and even individuals on the Boeing none survived.

Meanwhile, an Embraer Older 600 business airliner experienced a slight "jolt", explained by a Moments article writer to be a "car smacking a pothole", landed in a nearby military foundation where they discovered destruction to the kept winglet and some damage in order to it has the tail. The wing had started to stem back, evoking the Heritage travellers to fear they were planning to crash, but the aviators were able to land properly.

What took place?

As with Mechanical forensics Houston is definitely not conveniently evident. Each and every aircraft was below air flow traffic control (ATC), in addition to each planes was built with TCAS (Traffic Collision Prevention System) which should include cautioned them they ended up way too nearby. To further more confuse things, these types of aircraft were operating in the "gray" area of adnger zone insurance coverage where two several ATC facilities" responsibilities terme conseillé. The idea appears that often the Musical legacy fly was using one respiratory tract at thirty seven, 000 foot and has been supposed to go down to help thirty five, 000 toes when reaching yet another airway.
The Boeing was spanning the area at thirty seven, 500 feet.

The exciting element.

Brazilian authorities have got detained the crew involving the Musical legacy jet simply by taking their passports plus not really allowing them for you to leave the country. More, officials include claimed the fact that this crew intentionally turned off their transponder (a product in the plane where the crew sets some sort of unique 4 digit code) in order to execute some "pilot tricks" into their aircraft. If the transponder had been, indeed, turned off of, or just did not necessarily work, then the TCAS systems in both typically the Boeing and the Heritage jet would not work properly. As a preliminary We can tell you the fact that when the TCAS can be working the warnings would be difficult, if not necessarily unattainable, to ignore!

However, in another development it changes out that the maker of the transponder, Honeywell, got problems with previous versions with this model as soon as the crew had taken extended than five (5) secs to set a new code upon request regarding ATC. If this got longer than five (5) seconds the transponder would venture into the "standby" setting, and would not be transmitting it has the proper indication.

Honeywell declines this unique transponder would have that problem, and insists that it acquired long ago encouraged workers of the problem and had issued a good application upgrade to mend the particular problem. The pilots refute that they turned this transponder off, and this is not easy to envision anybody would do such a thing.

Thus while most of us are left to be able to ponder the cause, the producers is left in limbo, trapped in Brazilian, amidst a hostile inhabitants who desire revenge for the demise connected with 154 people.

Preliminary error or maybe mechanical malfunction?

We can only hope that the Best authorities find this one best together with that the proper, defined cause of this accident is definitely determined. As a man aviator I hope together with consider the cause was not necessarily many "cowboy" activities, together with that the fliers are returned home carefully together with soon.
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